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Modular silver jewelry for everyday wear

Seashore Design Studioseashore design studio modular jewelry offers handmade fine silver and sterling silver charms, pendants, centerpieces and chains that can be mixed and matched to suit the wearer’s mood and style.

Charms, pendants and centerpieces are made of fused or soldered fine silver, textured and tumbled for durability and a shiny, smooth finish. No toxic chemicals are used in the making of these pieces. They can be worn on double clasp “mama metal” style chains, or slid onto a standard chain for a variety of styles.

Chains and centerpieces/pendants are sold individually; choose your perfect pair!

Modular silver jewelry is pretty and durable, suitable for everyday wear and strong enough to be worn by moms of babies and toddlers (in the mama metal style) whose curious little fingers may damage other jewelry. Silver will tarnish, but with periodic cleaning will last for years and years of enjoyment. Visit for information on the process, cleaning, FAQs and more.

Handmade in Long Island, New York.

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