What is Handmade Long Island?

Handmade Long Island is a site and online community by Long Island crafters and designers for Long Island crafters and designers. Our goal is to support and promote the Long Island handmade community.

Who runs Handmade Long Island?

Handmade Long Island is owned and operated by Building Your Image LLC Publicity Consulting. This website is a labor of love maintained by volunteers from our staff, and is entirely funded by Building Your Image LLC.

Building Your Image LLC offers a variety of publicity and marketing services including copy writing and editing, graphic design for business cards, brochures, fliers and web uses, SEO web content, creating affordable websites, creating and implementing publicity plans and more. We have seen what a strong web presence can do for a small business.

What is the benefit to joining a community site?

Community websites like HandmadeLongIsland.com include a directory with multiple listings, often in the same category. While some may question the purpose of being listed alongside your competition, it is actually very beneficial to be included on a community site. Each search engine hit, and resulting click for one business is likely to generate more views for the others listed on the site. This co-operative take on online advertising results in extra visibility and exposure for all the businesses involved. Contact us today for your free directory listing.

How can my business be included in the directory?

Directory listings featuring a business name, website link and brief description are 100% free. Contact us to submit your business or for more information.

Who is eligible for inclusion on HandmadeLongIsland.com?

In order to be included, your business must be based in Long Island, New York and offer only (or nearly only) handmade products. Artists, photographers and designers are welcome as long as they offer a product such as prints or completed pieces (service providers do not qualify for a free directory listing.) Mass produced or third party items are not eligible. If you are unsure, please contact us to determine your eligibility.

Do I need a business website to be included in the directory?

While most of the businesses in our directory are online-based or have an online presence, it is not necessary for inclusion. If your business does not have a website, please provide a phone number or other method of contact to be listed.

What social media does Handmade Long Island use?

We are primarily on Facebook, where we post and share events, additions to the website, sales and opportunities for our members. We invite our members and craft fairs seeking vendors to post on our wall to let us know what’s going on. We also maintain a Twitter account which we update periodically.

Are there any rules to participate in the site?

For business owners, your business needs to be eligible (see above) to be included in the directory and other promotional opportunities. For both business owners and readers, we simply ask that you be polite and support your fellow members/readers where possible. Inappropriate or abusive behavior will not be tolerated in any venue.

Is there a privacy policy?

We respect your privacy. We do maintain a mailing list for Handmade Long Island’s purposes, but only send e-mails when we have something to share – no monthly newsletter with no real content here. Your e-mail address is never published unless you ask us to, and we never sell or share our member’s contact information.

I didn’t send in my information – how did I get into the directory?

We have worked and attended many craft fairs and events (and have even run some!), so we have had the opportunity to meet, admire and work alongside many outstanding artists. If you did not personally submit your information for the directory, we may have met you and admired your work in our travels, or a third party may have suggested you. We always try to contact business owners when adding a listing.

Disclaimer: Handmade Long Island is a privately owned and operated site and the management reserves the right to make any and all decisions on what will be included/promoted on the site and accompanying social media. All decisions are final.