Knit & Crochet

Discover handmade knit, crochet and other fiber arts products hand crafted by Long Island, New York based businesses.
In Stitches

In Stitches is a Long Island-based husband and wife team offering crocheted blankets, scarves, shawls, pot holders, eyeglass cases and more, as well as paracord bracelets, anklets, necklaces, keyfobs and other creative items.  Visit In Stitches at to learn more.

Nima Lab

Nima Lab specializes in knit and crochet clothing, home decor, gifts and accessories including hats bows, coffee cozies and more. Custom orders and personalized items are available. Shop online at

Nuna Knits

Nuna Knits specializes in farm to fashion, manufacturing responsibly harvested and local yarns, and products including knit socks and garments, and felted soaps. Learn more online at

Randi’s Originals

Randi’s Originals offers handmade scarves, hats and other accessories in a variety of colors and designs. Visit Randi’s Originals at

 RJ Handmade

RJ Handmade offers knit and crochet items for childrens and adults accessories.  Offering infant hats, sweaters, bibs and more. Visit RJ Handmade at for more information and a gallery of past projects.

2 Gurls Crochet

Visit 2 Gurls Crochet for creative crochet hats, leg warmers, boot toppers and fingerless gloves in a variety of styles. Shop online at